Our Staff

Charles Galt, President

Wellness Security was founded in 2010 after Charles realized he had a passion for helping people get their Medicare coverage. It began small with a few people, but as word of mouth spread, soon hundreds of people were setting meetings with Charles to get help for their insurance as well. Charles Galt’s guiding philosophy that has driven the company for years has always been “do the right thing by the client”, and that philosophy has lead to Wellness Security gaining hundreds of new clients to the family over the years. When Charles says he’s earning the privilege of serving you, he means it. Years from now, you’ll still get a call from him asking about your son’s birthday or just checking up to make sure everything is okay. His focus is always on you, and in a few minutes of talking with Charles, you’ll understand why, and you’ll probably end up talking about hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping, too.

Will Hare, Marketing Director

Young and fresh out of college, Will stumbled upon Wellness Security in the months following his graduation. Since the early days of the company, Will has done everything from filing papers and hauling furniture, to designing web graphics and brochures. Now, Will serves as Wellness Security’s Marketing Director, where he handles the day-to-do branding and marketing operations. His years of working with film editing, graphic design, social media, and other communications media have made him a perfect fit for the role. He believes in the company and wants to make sure everyone gets a chance to see what it is that makes Wellness Security unique. When he’s not working to get the word out about Wellness Security, he’s probably writing up yet another movie review or enjoying the weather with his dogs.

Lisa Lia, Office Manager

In the aftermath of the Affordable Care Act, the office staff was overloaded and overworked. Luckily for them, Lisa Lia came along. With a sharp mind and super organizational powers, Lisa is the one who keeps the boys in check; some may even call her ability to keep Charles and Will organized and focused something of a miracle! Her years of professional service working with clients directly makes her the best possible person to see when you walk in the front door of the office. She’ll always greet you with a smile on her face and a welcoming voice. She has worked for too many charity organizations to count and was recognized by Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and the National Dean’s List for high achievements in college. Essentially, she’s a complete superstar with the skillset and personality needed to help Wellness Security reach its full potential.